20-21 Podcast

Educationomics: Somewhere in the Middle

I would be honored if you could take the time to listen to my first podcast installment. Give me some feedback about quality or suggestions for content. It’s a learning experience!

"It's a lot of love, and it's a lot of respect…" Educationomics: Somewhere in the Middle

This episode dives into the mind of Mrs. Cortney Kindall-Ritchey, our MS Counselor.  She is the FIRST-ever MS counselor, and has already built various programming that has proven vital and pivotal in the success of each child as they travel through the middle school years.  I am excited to share her story and her Presbyterian School experiences.  Thanks for listening! Topics Links covered in this episode: Dr. Crystal Collier – Social Media and Screen Time (PS Parents can access these presentations on the Parent Portal) — Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/cgramatges/message Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/cgramatges/support
  1. "It's a lot of love, and it's a lot of respect…"
  2. Cognitive Load – What is it, and how can we do better?
  3. "Every teacher I met seemed like a rockstar…"
  4. Community Culture and Mind-Brain Education

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