I might be crazy, but…

I left my job as a teacher this week. Well, the school year ended and the kids I taught (for some reason) didn’t want to come to class anymore. The funny thing is that I’m not going back.

Wait, that’s not funny?

Well, I’m turning my decision into a bit of a drama…I’m not leaving teaching…just the classroom.

I’ll move into my new school tomorrow. Teaching will be something I bring as a part of my experience, not my primary task. I will finally get a step closer to my dream of impacting policy to change the lives of young people. I’ll be Head of the Middle School (aka, principal).

It’s a massive undertaking, one which I am so thankful and especially blessed to have been given. But I’m also flirting with the “sweet goodness, I’m going to be in CHARGE?!”

I can’t wait.

Published by

C. Gramatges

Husband to a hummingbird. Father to two tornados. Learning leader in a private school filled with excellence. Humbly following His lead.

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