My Favorite Blog Sites in Education

Check out some of my favorite sites to explore. These individuals have made a MAJOR impact on the way I think about education.

John Spencer – The Creative Classroom (

vintage tools

John is a forward thinking, conceptually driven teacher leader. His ideas on Design Thinking and Authentic Assessment are truly inspiring and worth a look.

Will Richardson – Educating Modern Learners (

Will spends his days thinking about and sifting through educational materials. He thinks critically about what he knows and what is assumed about education. Will’s book, “Why School: How Education Must Change When Learning and Information Are Everywhere” has made a pivotal impact in my educational mindset.

Josh Shipp – One Caring Adult (

Josh Shipp has created a concept that focuses on the WHY I am a teacher…direct and to the point. He is a self-made leader who exemplifies how to learn from your mistakes and capitalize on opportunities…and then give it ALL back.