Instructional Leadership Challenge

As I brainstorm for ways to improve (actually, to initialize) my online presence via discussions and reflections, I have been trolling through my PLN Twitter feeds only to come across a very interesting 21-day program: The Instructional Leadership Challenge. ILC is a free online resource for anyone in a instructional leadership position who may haveContinue reading “Instructional Leadership Challenge”

Notes from the New Head: Week One in the Books

After one week in a new school, in a new position, working with people I had not even met until a week prior to the school year, it is safe to say that I am entering a trial by fire according to any definition of the phrase. From working with students on academic probation in needContinue reading “Notes from the New Head: Week One in the Books”

6 Words to Define Me

I am taking a course with the PLP Network called “Educational Leadership in the Digital Age.” I have been through a year-long program with PLP, and I have gained so much in the way I approach my own learning and that of my students. Though I am an educator who very much enjoys the opportunityContinue reading “6 Words to Define Me”