6 Words to Define Me

I am taking a course with the PLP Network called “Educational Leadership in the Digital Age.” I have been through a year-long program with PLP, and I have gained so much in the way I approach my own learning and that of my students. Though I am an educator who very much enjoys the opportunity... Continue Reading →

I’m forwarding information regarding the best program I have been a part of in a long time. Thanks #holtthink for starting the idea to post here on Tumblr. holtthink: From my buddies over at Powerful Learning Practice We’ve taken over 7,500 educators through our Connected Learner Experience. They’ve transformed their teaching and learning with this... Continue Reading →

Increasing Student Connectivity

Tomorrow is a test day for my 6th graders. As I sit and watch my email as various individuals turn in review packets that they have completed online (many of them via iPad at home), I am thrilled and quite relieved at just how easy technology comes to the kids. They embrace the new way... Continue Reading →

My Lunch with Will

So I was a part of the kickoff workshop at Kinkaid this past Monday, and I have to say I was pretty floored by this whole PLP thing. That is to say I really thought I was doing well with the “connected learning” concept both in working with myself and in my classroom. Boy, do... Continue Reading →

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