Adventure in Educating

As I work through the ins and outs of using tumblr, I think I have at least figured out how to post some information. I’m not sure where this will post, but consider it a test for what is to be a personal documentation of how I will be reengineering my classroom in the next couple of school years.

The hope will be that I will receive an in-school grant for iPads in my classroom…news should come from that front in the next week or so. Should all go according to plan, I will begin to find ways to incorporate project based learning and flipped classroom principles into the curriculum I already teach my 6th graders. In making this change, I hope to engage each student on a more comprehensive level while getting them to see math in a new, practical way. And I want to make sure I conti use to cover the material I need to cover.

No small effort.

I hope to write more, even tomorrow. So let’s hope for some good news about the grant. Stay tuned.

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