Mission Accomplished: IPad Integration a “GO”!

Exciting News!
My grant proposal was approved for the upcoming school year! That means that I will receive 20 new IPads, a MacBook Pro, and an Apple TV to project my IPad onto the Promethean Board in my classroom. Additionally, the IPads will be housed in a cart that will remain in my classroom. What a huge accomplishment, and a reason to get  excited for the upcoming school year!

So what happens next?
Firstof all, I am meeting with my division heads to make sure they know the bigger implications of changing the curriculum to focus on the IPads and the flipped classroom structure. Additionally, I am sure I will need to meet with the technology department to work through the details. They will make all of the ordering, so my hope is that I can offer some preferences to them to ensure that we are all on the same page. My proposal may have been missing some information they need.

After that, it’s really up to me. As of right now, I have been working with and developing my knowledge in Khan Academy to make sure that I know ahead of time what the videos say and the approach they use towards developing a problem. Additionally, I have secured 60 accounts on Math Pentagon, an IPad learning application which allows me to assign worksheets, display videos, and track progress and work of students as they work in the classroom. This is something I am REALLY excited about. They are a new kid on the block, and I told them that this would be a pilot program, so they gave me FREE accounts to use! This was a very generous offer indeed.

So this is where I am right now. I would love to hear feedback if you have any about your experiences with IPads, albeit applications you have found very handy, or websites that may work will with mathematics. An area I intend to develop further is that of Project Based Learning opportunities for me to use over the course of the school year. 

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