Borrowing a post…

In our world (that is, the world of education) where there is a very obvious contradiction between what we want and what we do as educators, it is imperative to find ways to bridge this gap and “take a stand” as a school, a district, or as a system of education. I wish there was a way to get everyone together on the same wagon and go from there.

Regardless of individualized opinions about specific needs and problems in education, one cannot deny the over-arching need to view the problems and restructure. And restructuring doesn’t mean simply putting everyone into the same shell and force one way of learning. Rather, the structure is much bigger, much more encompassing and forward-thinking. 

Take a look at the post above. It is a very clever description of the hypocrisy of our current educational system. Thanks, flipperteach, for the great words!

Borrowing a post…

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