ASCD Express 7.20 – Changing Education Paradigms

Here is something great. Sir Ken Robinson describes quite precisely the issue of education in our country and the world outside. It is what all of us see every day as educators, but it’s never been illustrated so poignantly. At least I don’t think it has for me.

As I begin to flip my classroom and use technolgy to provide new stimulation and engage my students with new ways to learn, I hear Sir Robinson’s message loud and clear: though I am bound to the limits of learning in stages (ie, grade levels), I am in no way bound to how I present the material. This is an independent school luxury, I know, but I will take every bit of luxury I can to provide the type of individualized learning I hope to build.

If you are a teacher, take 12 minutes to listen to this presentation. If you are an administrator, please take this presentation to heart. Give your teachers the chance to express the curriculum in new and exciting ways that get to the core of their students’ minds. Let’s turn some heads this year throughout the world as we can develop divergent, creative thinkers.

ASCD Express 7.20 – Changing Education Paradigms

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