IPad Integration – Khan Academy

I’m beginning the work with Khan Academy this week, and I have run into a “large hill” (ie, not a wall or a mountain). It’s not the iPads…they are working GREAT! Didn’t realize it until today, but KA doesn’t allow students to create accounts if they are under 13. They need parental consent; to do this, parents have to have a login themselves. They have good instructional videos on how parents can get their kids set up, but it’s a step that requires me to depend on parental involvement.
I have written parents and already had some great responses about watching the 2.5 minute video and signing up (it’s pretty easy, but does require a few clicks to get things going…probably about 15-20 minutes of time). As a side note, when we have Google Apps for education, then students will not need parental consent (teachers can sign students up). So that will make things easier.
I’m really looking forward to using the Khan Academy application. I was able to work with a couple of classes of kids this summer, and the success was VERY apparent. So let’s hope for the best!

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