What a wonderful community…a great bonding experience in the right venue.


Today in community building we had a funeral. A funeral for “put downs”.

We are working really hard to establish a respectful, kind, and tolerant classroom community.

We had the kids write down put downs that someone had said to them and they had said to others. We then collected those papers and put them in a coffin and processed to the parking lot.

Ms. C. and I dressed in black, her in a trash bag and me in the Montessori timeline fabric. We are trying to be as serious as possible to convey the idea that these hurtful comments are gone forever and have no place in our classroom.

It was interesting to see how serious all the students were about writing the hurtful words down. But when processing, the younger students took it seriously and our older students kind of giggled. Regardless of how they acted during the procession, I think they took a lot away from the whole activity.

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