The Value of Boredom

Sometimes an article is worth the look with a parent’s lens as much as a teacher’s. This quick read is one of them. So often I find that teachers and parents alike are so fixated on “filling the time” that we don’t encourage and empower our kids to learn do so on their own.

As this article says, our own parents seemed to be very good at focusing on each other while I often see today’s parents enslaved by their child’s schedule…for what, exactly? Is today’s soccer team, followed by swim practice and then a trip to the museum (again) at age 6 getting our child into college or on a successful career track tomorrow? There is an age (much younger) when we should help our little ones experience new things. However, there is also a need to train a young person to enjoy the serenity of having nothing to do (hint: it’s not the same as time in front of the television). The power of outside playtime, relaxed supervision, and unforced entertainment creates confidence, independence, and a passion for something that may not have been there before.

The Value of Boredom

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