A Reflection for the Morning

Good Morning!

I just wanted to share with each of you a great conversation I had with a parent this morning. We are taking our 6th grade students to MO Ranch for a Leadership Development Program at the end of the month. A parent had forgotten to sign the forms and was in my office completing the necessary paperwork. His comments as he headed out the door were uplifting and challenging, but a testament as to why we are here:

He said, “Mr. Gramatges, we are so happy with the middle school because of what it is demanding of our son. He is taking responsibility for his homework and is interested in doing a good job. We are trying to keep a "hands off” approach to his learning as best as we can so that he can learn from his mistakes. It is a blessing to have our children in the evening, so it is hard letting them work on school or do their own thing. After all, we see them for about four hours, four great hours, in a day; they are at Saint Thomas’ for eight. We have to be a team, because you all have such an influence on their development. We respect any feedback we get from teachers; we are dependent on it.“

Wow. What a challenge from a parent. They have given their children to us for two-thirds of a day, and they trust in our guidance…for better or for worse. Teachers need to know how important they are. Though every parent can’t share in this level of commitment, there is absolute truth in this: children come to our school to learn curriculum and how to be great people. Parents trust our way of teaching these skills. They pay great money for this leadership, and they should expect results. But it’s that trust that should inspire us, obligate us, and empower us to do great work today.

Have a wonderful day. You are respected, appreciated, and loved. Keep your eyes on what lies ahead, but keep your mind on the prize at the finish.


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