I’m a teacher and I’ve stopped saying “boys and girls” when I’m trying to get my students’ attention because I know not everyone fits the gender binary. Do you have any ideas of what I should say instead of “boys and girls”? If I say “kids” or “children” then will get mad because they think they’re too old to be called that. Any other ideas?











hey there fellow teacher! glad you’re being so inclusive, and there are def other terms you can use. like calling them a kind of animal since they’re pure, beautiful, and gender neutral. personally, i use turtledoves, but you could use a wide variety of diff ones. there’s also; 

  • young people
  • kiddos
  • youngins
  • students
  • scholars
  • peeps
  • readers
  • superstars

or come up with something that feels natural to you! good luck turtledove!

In middle school, we use a [Year number] [letter] system for classes here, so I always say “good morning, [Year number] [letter]”.
With my older ones, I usually go “good morning, everyone” or just leave out the address.

In my Spanish classes, it’s different because a group of people will always be addressed with the male form as soon as one male person is part of the group.

I legitimately sometimes call my students “chickens.”

Like, “cmon, chickens! We’re going to the library!”

“Attention, chickens! Let’s go over this assignment!”

I think they just chalk it up to me being a weirdo, but it works for me.

I use bunnies when they’re easily distracted and my dears for the rest of the time. It makes them feel loved (they’ve said) and works for me.

Either ‘folks,’‘my people,’ or the course name (e.g., “first period” or “English III”).  

“Alright, people” or “Okay, folks”. And always “y’all”. It just works, no matter what.

Muh little honor students

Kiddos, Munchins, Wild Things, and, on one memorable occasion, Youths.

haa, love this post. As an art teacher I often do ___ grade artists, like “4th grade artists, time to clean up!”

I generally just say “people”, as in “okay people, time to clean up”

I find “ladies and gentlemen” for middle school kids does well. I think it raises their respect level when they hear a teacher treating them as adults…or budding ones, at least!

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