7 Free webinars that will boost your edtech skills


Tired of your district’s PD offerings? Don’t get mad, get better!
Via Daily Genius:

December 2nd – 3:00pm EST: Creating Student-Centric Learning Environment, Beth Holland interviews the leaders of the iPad Academy in Nebraska. Sign up here.

December 3rd – 1:00pm EST: Tips for Transforming Your Classroom into a Personalized Learning Environment, with Don Goble, Michelle Spencer, and John Sessler. Sign up here.

December 7th, 4:00pm EST: Using eBooks, Databases, and Digital Tools to Keep Students Engaged During the Holidays, with Michelle Griffith. Sign up here.

December 7th – 6:30pm EST: Blended Learning with OneNote Classroom Creator with Beth Holland, Jen Carey, & Kim Evelti. Sign up here.

December 9th – 4 pm EST: Celebrate Hour of Code Week- Learn to Code through Storytelling with Kate Wilson andMaggie Keeler. Sign up here.

December 15th – 2pm EST: How to Save Money and Improve Collaboration With Google for Education, with Donna Frymire, Anthony Panella, and Stephen Fang. Sign up here.

December 17th – 5pm EST – Digital Portfolios with Beth Holland and EdWeb. Sign up here.

7 Free webinars that will boost your edtech skills

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