Failing Forward

I have written about the power of failure in a post a few months back. As I do more research on how failing impacts the brain, I have come to discover the value in forced failure and the idea that taking on a challenge without preparation (like a pre-test) can prime the brain to better tackle new concepts. Benedict Carey authored an article in the New York Times (link below) describing the idea of failing forward, or the idea that “knowing what you don’t know” up front helps you to focus and fill the gaps in learning as material is presented. Check it out for yourself!

Why Flunking Exams Is Actually a Good Thing

This article was presented in an online course built by Ann Murphy Paul, author of the The Brilliant Blog, called “Turn Testing into Learning”. It’s a wonderful exploration into better assessments for any teacher or principal. Use the link for access to the blog and the online course!

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