Quarter One in the Books!

It’s the end of a quarter, and therefore time do some reflecting on the first nine weeks. As you gather yourself this weekend and start thinking ahead, I dare you to challenge the phrase “history repeats itself” by thinking critically on your own successes and failures as an educator these past weeks. Reflecting on ways to build capacity for success is essential in our business, so take a look at the questions below and do some self-assessing:

  1. Think on the first nine weeks – what areas in your teaching world have been successful, and what areas need retooling?
  2. If your students were not required to attend class next quarter, what tangible examples will inspire them to come anyway?
  3. Recognizing your are not alone in your professional world, who can help you process the answers to these questions and help you execute a plan for the coming weeks?

Take a moment to think about the cycle presented below. It is not my own, but comes from a text that I found to be centering at the end of a quarter (Hall, Simeral. Teach Reflect Learn: Building your Capacity for Success in the Classroom).



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