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21-22 Leadership Stories Stagen-Geisel Notes

Stagen Notes: One Thing at a Time

This week the assigned reflection has asked that I consider how I can do just one thing at a time. In an age where “multitasking” is a commodity to be sold by the next phone app or laptop program, it’s time for all of us to consider that multitasking simply isn’t real. Some would point to the fact that our brains are more like computer switches than parallel processors, meaning that we can focus on one task/action at a time rather than work in parallel (we don’t have 8 appendages like an octopus). Still others will point to the nature of email notifications, “productivity apps” and insta-gratification demands of the world that we now live in. Those activities and applications are going to pull our attention with notifications and the tyranny of the urgent as long as we will allow them to do so…and we seem to love our notifications.