TPACK example from my classroom

As I build my curriculum at the micro-level (in other words, in building one lesson), I am starting to pay very close attention to how I can use the TPACK model in my curriculum development. As an outcome to this effort, I have built a self-guided, team-exploring effort for students to follow in my math classroom surrounding percents, decimals, and fractions. While this concept doesn’t exist in class everyday, I think that this project gets pretty close:

On many days the students come into the classroom, open an iPad to find the lesson presented for the day on Prezi. The presentation guides them through a number of “I wonder” questions at the beginning of the lesson. These questions (which they must complete as a team and turn in a report on them before moving on) focus on concepts with which I want the students to enter the lesson. I want them to leave this slide with their brains ready for the new material.

The next slides are all about exploration. Sometimes this exploration is results in a basic try these problems as a team concept; however, I often try to find ways to continue the “I wonder” idea about the lesson, either using some directed instruction followed by questions about that instruction (it’s up the students to invest in the questions).

Another piece of the lesson (to finish unpacking the concept), is an online discussion that the students can initiate in class and must continue in the afternoon via comment.

As a reflective note, I have found that “free-reign” for research and learning is difficult to manage and supervise. So a guided wondering is the goal! I have created discussions via Schoology to increase intra-class communication after school lets out. It works pretty well!

My next area of development is to have the students begin to blog about their experiences and to communicate with other classrooms about what they have learned. Any suggestions or invitations would be greatly appreciated!

Should you be interested in how I build these Prezi “zooms”, here is the link to one I created last week:


Happy zooming!

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