How Can I Expect to Be Good Enough?

I am reading some articles today on the PLP Network webpage for the professional development course I am taking on Educational Leadership and connected learning. I find the idea of connected learning in education fascinating: why did we, as teachers, not think of doing something like connected and combining our knowledge via the Internet earlier? Truly, the world of education has flattened and grown exponentially since various programs like PLP have decided to pool the knowledge of various educators. 

But another thought that arose from my various readings is that the conglomerate of principals who have shared their experiences are simply amazing. How can I ever expect to become a leader with the savvy and wisdom of these individuals? I think my hope is that by earning this position I inherit all the wisdom and abilities of all the principals who ever lived. Like there is some sort of witching ceremony that grants me the knowledge of all the educators on the planet. If such a ceremony exists, no one sent me an invite.

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