For anyone who thinks all studyblrs are perfect, just a reminder that I failed my first year of med school. I’m trying to turn it around though!

i spent two years being the worse student and I went back in first year of another degree and I am now among the best students of my promo, prove is that just because you fail once doesn’t mean you can’t do it

I really needed this post in my life

This is important.

I just got the results back for an important exam I just took, and I passed. Not amazingly, not 100% or anything, but I passed. I did it! It just took me a few tries, and the important thing is I improved and got there in the end. 

Thank you guys, and I believe that every one of you can get the grades you deserve ❤ 

I quit school for 4 years because I wasn’t going to class and was failing all my classes and just wasn’t interested. Started back in with a 2.7, currently have a 3.3 and rising!

I’m about to start my 5th attempt at uni. I’ll be 30. I have M.E/CFS and I’ve dropped out of traditional uni 3 times due to freshers flu (broken ribs due to bronchitis – yay!), and distance learning once due to relapse. The studying I’m doing right now is to get as far through the course as possible in advance to make up for time I’ll need off later. I’ll be 36 when I graduate if all goes well.

This isn’t a sob story, or a look at me post. If things don’t go well the first, second (etc) time, you aren’t doomed. If you aren’t ready at 18 you haven’t failed. There are lots of alternatives out there that might work for you better. And you’re never to old to get an education.

You can do this, the traditional way, or not. Make it work for YOU.

I am planning to do a bachelors in psychology sometime in my life. Maybe when I am 30 or 40 or 50. Or like my Mom started her MBA when she was 55. So yeah .

I have completed two years of university. I should have 20 credits under my belt, but have only 10. It’s been a rough road for me, and even though I’ve really only been part of the studyblr community for a couple weeks, the support you guys have given me is amazing.

The amount of stress that’s been taken off my shoulders after interacting with all of you, and realizing that failing is not the worst thing in the world. Thanks to you guys, I’m ready to start back in September, and know that no matter what happens, there’s a supportive community around me to help out if I need.

This helps me so much! 

Super motivational posts from those who have learned how to survive failure and rebuild for success. KEEP IT UP. Hard work and reflection are principles for success.

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