We made a huge leap today in my school with the administrative team (as in tech director, headmaster, and me) deciding that it’s time to place a Chromebook in the hands of every one of our students in the middle school. That means that any student will have access to the Internet, Google apps for Ed, and all of our digital programming moving forward. While not a true 1:1 environment, students will pick up their device in the morning and utilize it throughout the day with teacher direction. We will now have the means to be intentional with our tech integration – helping kids learn to act with integrity online while discovering the educational value of a connected device.

However, we will remain focused that the goal here is access to information, not simply tech usage. Students will be able to research faster and connect to each other quicker. Laptops will continue to be a supplement, not a principle tool, to learning. Our commitment to intelligent dialogue and hands-on learning will not waiver.

Can you tell I’m a bit excited?

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