My Team – Gratitude

I wish I had a better grasp on some earth-shaking information that would give you a way to improve your craft beyond measure.  Alas, my well runs dry at this time of year, and I guess it’s lucky, too. You don’t need another “challenge to be great” or royal decree regarding what classrooms should look like, nor a step-by-step guide on how to build better relationships with your students.  As I read through our middle school narrative comments this week, I know for certain that my team already understands these things. When the intent of their efforts to inspire learning shines as bright as it does when each of them is present in the Middle School, this place truly becomes the most magnificent school I have ever known.

When people ask me why I enjoy working at Presbyterian School, I say that I am surrounded by the smartest, most hard-working people I know who have invested time into something in which we believe is worth every late night, every missing assignment, and every tough conversation.  I work with teachers who understand that great learning stems from the trusting relationship built with his or her students. Truly great classroom leaders understand that the learning process is a partnership in which no single person owns, but relies on the skill sets offered by all those involved.

My School is a true representation of the value that can be found in hard work, reflection, and active communication.  We put into daily practice what many institutions only hope to achieve at culminating events: the development of confident young people who demonstrate learning with incredible capability and zeal.  And in the brief pockets of time when this goal is not met, we take it upon ourselves to improve our craft and reset the bar to encourage age-appropriate risk and a better understanding of how to navigate the path forward.

Recently, I posted on the Modern Learners community my description of “what school should be.” I am proud to say I’m living in it…but here was my answer:

[I picture school to look and act as] an extremely busy train station with frenetic energy based on the potential of SO MANY destinations. Every single person is granted ALL responsibilities of conductor, passenger, mechanic, server, security, and logistical coordinator. It is a joyful place filled with possibility. Conversations about where a person has visited and what that person has seen and done are commonplace. The sharing of ideas from the aggregate experiences of the participants simply builds new and exciting opportunity to further explore and connect to places unseen. It’s a magical place.

Happy Easter…remember that through forgiveness we have been saved, and through the sacrifice of one precious Man, we have been given everything.  It’s our responsibility to share that meaningful, joyful, and soulful responsibility to each other, now and forever.

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