It’s a brand new day – make it the best one yet

This post begins with a deep breath. The world we live in seems to be in a free fall – from the flames of racial injustice to the deepening curve of a pandemic, there are so many in turmoil. People have expressed agony over the excrutiating and arduous task of navigating such difficult conversations inContinue reading “It’s a brand new day – make it the best one yet”

Timeless Learning- Reflections (Week 2)

What are you doing every day to help create the world you want to see? Part of my job as a division leader is vision-casting. It is my responsibility as director of the middle grades to be a person who thinks about where this “cruise ship” should travel, the path to our destination, and theContinue reading “Timeless Learning- Reflections (Week 2)”

Super Heroine Influx

Maybe it’s just me, but I have noticed a significant uptake in Disney’s (and many other realms, for that matter) efforts to enhance their female presence. In highlighting legacy feminine phenoms (Cinderella, Snow White, etc.) and the introduction of today’s leading ladies (Moana, Wonder Woman, to name a couple… yes, I realize that WW isContinue reading “Super Heroine Influx”