My “What” and My “Why”

I'm on my way back from Santa Fe, NM, after attending a Division Heads conference for area private school leaders. As I sit in the back of the airplane, I find myself surprised to find a unique opportunity to reflect on my practice. For inspiration in this effort, I turn to the May 2017 issue... Continue Reading →

if you got a problem…yo, I’ll solve it.

Ice, Ice, Baby This is a great article, and one worth considering as applicable to students and to the adults in the room. I just returned from a conference with other Division Heads during which Dr. Rob Evans, educational psychologist and author, spoke in the closing session about the “tough conversation” between schools and families.... Continue Reading →

Using Social Media as a Principal

The workshop I am attending is discussing the use of social media among administrators, teachers, and even students. Very interesting concerns keep popping up: Teacher Fear: relinquishing the control and SHARING it with students in the classroom on new sources of media and interaction Keeping students accountable: While schools have their own social media policies,... Continue Reading →

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